Ukraine and Russia Crisis

February 24, 2022
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*updated 3/28/22 to include information regarding Intrax's actions to assist Ukrainians.

Intrax is deeply saddened by the events taking place in Ukraine and the impact it is having on the people of the region. The core mission of Intrax is to connect people of different countries and to foster mutual respect and understanding. Our programs were established in response to a post-WWII era in an effort to prevent future wars. Intrax is hopeful for a return to peace in the region. We strongly support the United Nations Secretary-General's calls for “restraint, reason and de-escalation,” and adherence to international law with respect to sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We have current and past participants from Ukraine, Russia, and various post-Soviet countries. Our thoughts are with all individuals and families impacted by these events, regardless of their nationality.

Intrax has no participants hosted in Ukraine. However, we do have current Ukrainian participants in the United States. We are taking steps to ensure they are supported by our staff and will work with the U.S. State Department as needed. We are steadfast in continuing our mission to increase cultural awareness, inspire mutual understanding, and promote global citizenship through cultural exchange programs, regardless of political situation between nations.

Ayusa, Intrax's nonprofit High School program, is working to identify Ukrainian high school students who may be have interest to participate in a scholarship program for an academic year in the U.S. Additionally, Intrax has donated to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee and UNICEF. Both organizations are working to provide necessities to children and families whether in Ukraine or in countries where they are residing as refugees.

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