Intrax Education Teacher Exchange
Intrax Education Teacher Exchange

Intrax Education Teacher Exchange

Teach in accredited public or private primary and secondary K-12 schools in the USA, including pre-kindergarten language immersion programs.

Teach in the U.S. for up to 3+ years with opportunity to extend for an additional two years

Learn about culture, society, and the educational system in the U.S. and advance your teaching career

Teach in the U.S.

J1 Teacher Exchange

Intrax is a designated sponsor for the BridgeUSA Teacher Exchange Program which provides international teachers with opportunities for cross-cultural enrichment and professional development.

The BridgeUSA Teacher Exchange Program enhances mutual understanding between teachers from around the world and their colleagues and students in the U.S.

Participating in Intrax’s Teacher Exchange Program provides opportunities for teachers to enhance and further develop their professional skills and participate in cross-cultural activities at host schools and communities throughout the U.S.

Program Benefits

Create friendships and connections across borders and leverage opportunities to increase cultural exchanges and school partnerships worldwide. The BridgeUSA Teacher Exchange program helps program participants sharpen their teaching skills in their respective subject fields.

Do not qualify as a J-1 Teacher?

Learn about our Teaching Intern Program.

Working Together to Change Lives

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Want to learn more? Tell us where are you located.
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I am thankful to the community where I am teaching. People here are very thoughtful, helpful, and very welcoming. They let us learn their culture by teaching us their native language, giving us their favorite and traditional foods, bringing us to their home, and welcoming us like their own family.
Hjayella Mandrique
Intrax Education Teacher
From Philippines
Intrax Education Teacher Exchange
Our district's cultural awareness program has been enhanced by the collaboration with Intrax and their teachers. We recommend them as a visa sponsor because of their high ethical standards and commitment to ensuring a positive experience for teachers and their host schools.
Cera Doering, Ed.D., Director at Baltimore City Public Schools
Intrax Education Elementary School
Baltimore, Maryland
Intrax Education Teacher Exchange