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January 1, 2023
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Intrax has a rich history of providing opportunities to individuals around the world who have ventured across boundaries and cultures to fulfill their dreams and goals through the global programs they have participated in. Over the years, Intrax has facilitated and supported more than 500,000 individuals to follow their dreams and enhance their future potential through our programs. Our programs foster appreciation for each other and the diverse cultural backgrounds we all come from. Our programs break down barriers, improve mutual understanding, and create empathy and compassion. Our programs support the public diplomacy goals of the United States by providing multiple opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the United States and its people by living and working together with their American friends, families and colleagues.  To this day, we believe in the simple philosophy that through cultural exchange, citizen diplomats are made.

As a global brand with participants from all over the world, we want to express our brand beyond any language or culture. We want our brand to simply and elegantly represent our values and function as an icon that is instantly recognized and tells our story. Over the past year, we have discussed the importance of our corporate brand, the relationship it has with our programs, and the need to connect it to our mission to create memorable and life-changing experiences that foster caring and connection for our participants, families, businesses, and partners. We have unified our brand palette, websites, and marketplace positioning to represent our simple truth that global connections are the heart of our business, and we embody this through the alignment of our business philosophies, brand, and corporate ethos.




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