Intrax and our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

December 1, 2021

The past two years have been unlike any other for all of us across the world. Our programs and efforts to travel were interrupted due to extreme health concerns globally due to Covid-19. While necessary to limit the spread of the disease, these public health measures also created delays in important experiences and program placements for Au Pairs, Interns, Trainees, Work Travel Participants, Camp Counselors, and High School exchange participants. The programs we provide help our participants become key members of host families, businesses, and local host communities.

As a result, our company made a strategic commitment to our employees, program participants, host families, host companies, and partners globally by continuing to offer core services and go above and beyond with support of our customers during this unprecedented time. We were able to navigate complicated situations none of us had previous experience with. Thanks to the strong commitment of our employees across the globe, our business has been able to persevere and thrive.  We are also able to offer new opportunities, and an absolute commitment to the work we do and the cultural exchange experiences we provide.

As we now focus on our new “normal” as a global company, we are committed even more to our strong and lasting commitment to promote and provide enriching and life changing Cultural Exchange opportunities. We know how enriching and impactful our global programs are for the individuals and businesses who participate. We fundamentally believe in the simple principle that when people spend time together, barriers are broken down and common bonds are formed – this is the citizen diplomacy that is at the heart of our organization.

Intrax has partnered with Diversity Abroad to ensure that the programs we offer and the experiences our employees have internally not only honor our commitment to providing outstanding Cultural Exchange opportunities, but do so with a specific focus on honoring individual diversity of race, religion, and worldviews. We are committed to providing equity in our workplace and in the placements we provide to our participants.  We are committed to enabling inclusive business practices globally.

As our business closes 2021 and looks toward 2022, we are committed to supporting workplace initiatives honoring Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion efforts.  We do this every day through the programs and services we offer on a global basis. This is a key focus for us as we know the value in supporting individuals and that by doing so we enrich our global community even more.

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