Working Together to Change Lives

Stroll through any of our offices across the globe and we challenge you to find a member of our staff who has not been personally impacted by cultural exchange. Whether they have lived abroad or participated in one of our own programs, our staff knows the value of cross-cultural exchange and are excited to share it with others. We work tirelessly to change lives, build bridges of understanding, and share the world through person-to-person citizen diplomacy. Meet some of our staff below.

Marisa Lonic

Director of Operations,
AuPairCare, Intrax San Francisco

BA in Italian and Spanish at Binghamton University, NY; M.Ed. in Didactics of Italian as a Second Language at University of Padua, Italy

Growing up in a bilingual, bicultural home was the foundation of my love of travel and languages. I have lived in Italy and the USA and have traveled to various parts of Europe, Asia, Central and North America.

I have worked in multicultural settings the majority of my career in both New York and San Francisco. It is truly amazing to work in an environment and with individuals who share your passion for cultural exchange and AuPairCare certainly encompasses that.

I manage the operations at AuPairCare and am also a host mom myself, having hosted 2 au pairs from Brazil. It has been a wonderful experience for our entire family!

Emmanuel Diaz-Obregon

Director of Operations,
Work Travel, Intrax San Francisco

Bachelors degree in French and International Relations San Francisco State University, United States

Born in the same year and city that Intrax was founded, I have spent most of my life in the Bay Area. Having grown up in the vibrant city of San Francisco and raised by Guatemalan immigrants, I developed early on an appreciation for cuisine and culture.  One of my ongoing life goals has been to learn the Romance languages. Speaking Spanish with my family gave me a head start with the study of French, Italian and Portuguese years ago and now I keep up this practice as a fun but still challenging hobby. 

I have been fortunate to have many development opportunities in my 7 years at Intrax, including the chance to travel to over a dozen countries for work – new places that I would not have previously thought about visiting, including: Turkey, Ecuador, and South Korea. 

“I am proud of the work my team and I do at Intrax each day because I know that, even though there may be difficult times, in a very direct way, we are contributing to public diplomacy by helping the future leaders of dozens of nations to live a positive experience here in the US – an investment in the future of our country’s foreign affairs – something closely aligned with my interest in international relations.”

Shirin Lausch

Program Advisor,
AuPairCare, Intrax Germany

Bachelors Degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies, University of Hamburg, Germany

As a 5 year-old I moved with my family to Spain where I lived for 3 wonderful years. At 17, I had the chance to return to Spain for a student exchange program. After graduating from high school, I decided to work as an au pair in France. During my studies I had the privilege to study for one semester in Guadalajara/Mexico. Back in Germany, I did an internship in the Au Pair Europe Team. After finishing my master’s degree I happily accepted the offer to join the Intrax Au Pair Germany/Austria/Switzerland team.

Marcela Donoso

Country Director,
Intrax, Intrax Chile

Masters degree in Sales and Marketing, Universidad de los Andes (CL), Columbia

I graduated from the Universidad Andrés Bello with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism. Immediately upon graduation, I worked in the television industry. After a year and a half, I decided to travel through Europe. When I returned, I saw an ad in the newspaper looking for a sales position at a company within the cultural exchange field. I joined that company in 1999 when there were only three people and one computer to share within the office. I worked there for ten years, starting as a salesperson and later climbing my way up to the Country Manager in 2008.  Then I decided to go back to school and get my master’s degree in Marketing and Sales. After graduation, I started to work for Intrax and have been the Country Director in Chile since July 2010.

My main reason for working in a cultural exchange company is that I was once a high school exchange student. When I was 15-years old, I participated in an academic year program and lived in Spokane, Washington. It was the best experience of my life. To this day, I keep in touch with my host sister. Being an exchange student at a young age is a story and experience that I share with my students and their parents. Participating in a cultural exchange program can change the way you perceive the world and your future for the rest of your life.

"What really drives me to work every day is the passion that I feel for my work and what I am giving to my students will change their lives forever."

Employee Culture at Intrax

At Intrax, our passion for culture extends well beyond the office. Whether travel for personal enrichment or exciting team events, our employees grow and thrive in our global offices.