Product Operations Representative

Position Summary

The primary function of this position is to support the Director of IT Project Management in the development and marketing of Advanced Online Training Courses. In addition, the Product Operations Coordinator will manage the knowledge library of resources and support APC staff in the creating and updating of Reports and Dashboards. In addition to new courses, reporting and product management, the Product Operations Coordinator will maintain manage all Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) uploads & DS 2019 requests. This includes the approval of Extension applications and payments. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Suggest product enhancements to improve user experience & operational efficiencies with primary focus to increase our library of online courses and overall course sales.
  • Conduct Marketing research to identify customer needs and market gaps
  • Prioritize the implementation of new features and set specific timelines
  • Monitor and report on users’ reactions post launch
  • Create support and training documents for internal and external users
  • Perform quality assurance controls on products
  • Coordinate with the IT department to deliver functional solutions
  • Participate in system configuration including but not limited to the creation and maintenance of reports & dashboards
  • Analyze competition

Additional Responsibilities

  • Creation of Portal Content Resources
  • Updates to existing resources and knowledgebase
  • Creating & updating Salesforce reports & Dashboards
  • IT Regression testing related to updates & product launches
  • Other duties as assigned by Manager
  • SEVIS related tasks & administration

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office and Outlook
  • Knowledge of Salesforce or similar CRM

Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes

  • Capacity to deliver exceptional customer service
  • Must be organized with good project management and strategic planning abilities
  • Excellent Verbal and written skills
  • Must have strong problem-solving and follow-through skills and must be able to work independently
  • Ability to work with government organizations
  • Must possess strong analytical and math skills
  • Proven ability to handle escalated issues
  • Familiarity with market research, consumers’ behavior and marketing techniques
  • Hands-on experience with web technologies
  • Good communication skills along with the ability to effectively collaborate with cross functional teams

Performance Criteria

  • Meet deadlines for extension processing and SEVIS record validation
  • Meet or exceed customer service expectations
  • Successfully deliver relevant information to all affected parties
  • Deliver new products & product updates according to agreed schedule


  • No travel required